Sunday, April 25, 2010

River Walk

Today was a killer day for barefoot life! I did a lot of walking on not so comfortable terrain and didn't suffer too bad.

My girlfriend and I started by going out to Dick's Creek. It was much higher than she remember, but this was due to last nights tornado watches.

Then we stopped by a local gas station + restaurant and ate some BBQ. It was the best I have had in a long time.

We then went to DeSoto Falls. This was my biggest barefoot feat. We got out of the car and I walked around a bit, felt I could do it some more, so we walked to the middle fall. It was about 1.5 miles round-trip on gravel and dirt. The actual trail felt great, but the small pebbles they put down for the old people made some of the walk uncomfortable. I figured what doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

We finished that and stopped by Bogg's Creek. We just got out of the car and touched our feet in it. There really wasn't much to do there.

Finally, we stopped by the Chestatee River. We stuck our feet in, played in the sand, drove down the street some more, and went to another spot we could get in. The river was so high that it covered 3 steps and the sandbags that are usually visible. Silly rain.

Thankfully, I was able to do this barefoot with no problem. Yes, it hurt and I am sure some endorphins kicked in on that gravel, but it is definitely getting easier.

Tomorrow, we are supposed to camp out. We plan on hiking Blood Mountain. I hope to do this barefoot, but I am not sure since it is longer and has more sharp rocks. I will carry some Crocs in my bag just in case.

I am mad that I didn't take any pictures today, but I didn't want my phone's battery to die.

So until tomorrow(or possibly the day after)... RUN ON!

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