About Me

Toward the end of college finals, 2010, I needed to do something fresh. Being cooped up in a library was making me crazy, I had to be free. My parents had started running and were really excited about the way their Nike Plus shoes handled their information. They could see how long they ran, their pace, etc.

Being a cheap college student, I thought there had to be some other way to do this. I looked at Nike Plus products, but they all involved shoes. I was about to go out and buy some, then I remembered reading a study on reddit about barefoot running having advantages. I did a search on Google about barefoot running and came across The Running Barefoot. I read some guides, and set out around the circle at the college. It felt great, but I didn't want to overdue it(and I had studies), so I went back inside. From then on, I was hooked!

This left one problem: How can I get the information from my runs? Well I searched for an iPhone app, and was lucky enough to stumble across RunKeeper, which does this using GPS and Google Maps! Sweet! So far, so free(well the iPhone was ~$300, but I already had it, so I call it free). The iPhone is clunky in its OtterBox Case, so I had to rig the clip so it clipped on a improvised arm band. So that problem is solved as well!

I have been blogging my whole barefoot running experience here, starting from day one! Barefoot running is different from shod running because it allows me to feel the ground and be more free. I feel like this is the way I am meant to run, so I will embrace it and tell the world about it!