Friday, November 30, 2012

I Can Run Again!

Yesterday I decided to test out the ol’ obliques and sure enough, at the same spot in the run they started hurting. It wasn’t as bad this time, so instead of turning back I slowed down to about 10 min/miles. This helped. I noticed that when I climbed hills the pain went away.

After about 2 miles of running I was running fine with minimal pain. I think I am good to go, I just have to not shock them by going out too fast. Thank god. I was scared there for a minute!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Amount of Running You Don’t Get To Do When You Run Ultramarathons

What? That title barely makes sense.

I ran the Duncan Ridge Trail 50k to the fullest of my ability last Saturday. I was really pleased with myself, but have also been taking it easy as far as running goes to let my body heal and not get mentally burnt out.
So, today is Tuesday. I have only ran once since the race(10 days ago) and did not run 6 days before the race.

I think that I made the right decisions by not running, but I think that it is making me a little crazy. See, when I don’t run I become a real, well, asshole. I have very little patience, things start hurting(like my back), and I am not pleasant. The irritability has not completely taken over yet, but I feel it coming near. My back is already hurting and feels like it needs to be popped. And I am whiny(hence this post).

It’s time to start running more.

Tonight, 10 road miles. It will be nice to release this negative energy.

UPDATE: I ran today. Made it .25 miles. For some reason my obliques were not happy with me and permitted me from running any further. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow. :(

Sunday, November 18, 2012

DRT 2012 Quick Update

I finished yesterday’s Duncan Ridge Trail 50k in 6 hours and 48 minutes placing me somewhere in the top 10, possibly the top 5. I am still waiting on the official time and places. I had a very good run and tried my hardest. I feel great today and am very pleased.
Running Ahead Run Summary
I’ll post a race report, hopefully, in the next few days.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Quick Pre-DRT Post

I just wanted to do a quick post before I head out the door for DRT 2012. I am very excited, kind of nervious, and anxious to see how today will turn out. I am going out with a faster than usual pace for an ultra and I will try to compete. I don’t expect to win, but I would like to try my hardest and feel like I gave it my all afterwords. I probably won’t post for a few days, since I plan on not doing much after this.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Curling My Toes

More recently I have caught myself curling my toes into each other. I think this is something that I have always done, but feel it happens more since I started running barefoot/minimal. Maybe this is something to do with my feet feeling tired of being sedentary(since it always happens after a period of sitting or resting). I have also caught myself curling the toes while sleeping.

Before barefoot/minimalist running I would curl my toes in certain situations, specifically panicky ones, like almost getting in a car wreck. I still kind of do it now, but I think I do it moreso for the restlessness feeling in my feet.
To conclude, I think since I have started barefoot/minimalist running my feet want to do more. I have activated the practically sedentary muscles. When I become sedentary I am reminded that they want to work!

There really isn’t much scientific evidence in my logic. Hopefully someone can possibly explain it better. Maybe I will post this on a forum or something.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Preparing For Pacing At Pinhoti

I am pacing Willy “Natureboy” Syndram again this year at the Pinhoti 100. Last year was a little too eventful, but hopefully this year we will do much better. :)

Last night I got a call from Phillip, another pacer, who was much more mature/prepared than I am. He had literally thought of any problems or situations we would get in. I think every crew needs someone like that.
I think while every crew needs someone who is on the ball, there needs to be the laid back, last minute, kind of guy to balance out things. This is where I come in!

I did start feeling guilty that I wasn’t that well prepared the night before, but explained to him that I will be prepared and he has nothing to worry about. He didn’t seem to worry and expressed that I have experience with this and know what to expect, as does he. We just handle situations better.
I basically packed my ultra-laundry basket, which consists of basically everything I have ever wanted while running, along with some easy food(spaghetti and apples). I also have clothes for multiple occasions. From what Phillip said, it is supposed to be relatively warm compared to our past week of cold.

I am very excited to be pacing Willy again this year. I hope the best for him and I will do anything I can to get him across that finish line fast and safely.