Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snap, Crackle and Pop: Chiropractors Rule!

Last night a buddy of mine and I were looking through an anatomy book for what was bothering me. I tied it down to 2, well technically 3, muscles: my IT(illiotibial) band and my iliopsoas(a combination of the psoas major, psoas minor, and iliacus).

The pain in my IT band had moved from the side of my leg to the spot where it connects to my knee. I could really feel it when I walked down hills. The iliopsoas hurt when I lifted my knee up toward my chest.

I went to my favorite chiropractor, who aligned me like usual, then looked at my situation. The first thing he noticed was my fibula. How surprising, a professional knows more about my body than I could find in a book! I suspect this is the problem I thought was my IT band since they connect in similar areas.

He then looked at my iliopsoas. He first warned me that it was going to hurt. I then told him to never tell me that again. He made me lay on my back with my knees up and resist his hands, which were on the outside of my knees. I felt a slight pop. I looked at him like with a "Is that it?" look. He said, "Ah that wasn't so bad!"
I had actually watched a video of someone doing the pop on themselves, and tried it, but was afraid to push too hard since I didn't have anyone around me. I'm glad I went to a professional though.

I walked out of there feeling great. I was laughing at how loose I felt and how comfortable I was.  My fibula is still bothering me a bit. I suspect what the chiropractor did is knock it into a place where it can recover. I am strongly considering running tonight and just seeing how it goes. Not today... Chiropractor told me to wait a day to let the muscles relax. Maybe tomorrow!


  1. Great to know... I have seen my friend who Experienced Chiropractor In Houston.. He was in very bad condition.. Well its been months now and he his doing well too. Thanks for this.

  2. great write up, chiropractors get a bad rap sometimes, but they can also be a lifesaver!