Friday, July 15, 2011

Just received Moc 3

I just received my first pair of Moc 3 from Soft Star shoes.....anyone else have feedback on them...

I have alway said that someone should make Vibram KSO's without toes....(I just wanna punch people in the face when they have something to say to me about my "toes shoes"...LOL).

These looked like they may fit the bill.....I waited until I had a good work week and found an extra $100 to throw away. I followed their on line fitting guide and called them direct to talk about how I am VERY picky about fit. I am usually a 11 1/2 men's size..they do not make halve sizes, they suggested I should I have them make me a size 12 based on the sizing instructions.......PERFECT FIT...I have not ran in them yet. Very light, 2mm Virbam soles...They do not look trail worthy, but appear to be good for the road...We think that they are good to wear everyday, better looking on feet than on the internet.....More to come. I do a product review after a few miles...

Moc 3 webpage

Fast forward 2 days

After my first short run (5K), my preliminary evaluation is as follows.

-The Moc 3 with the 2 mm sole has significantly more tactile feedback than my KSO's

-They seemed to be alittle loose into the run...hoping for the 1/2 size options.

-I wish that the sole covered more of the inner arch (it may be because I am flat footed) See picture, I worry that it may wear too quickly here.


  1. Any further updates to offer? I've been very curious about these, and your comment about more tactile feedback than KSOs certainly piques my interest.

  2. Chris, To be honest with you.. I have been doing mostly trail runs in mountain settings. They will definitely not last long on the trail. I am having trouble putting my VFF's KSO's on the shelf.
    I have been wearing the mocs in everyday situations..VERY Tactile! more than KSO's..I am sincerely afraid that too much road work will wear in the area that I circled above..I have been opting for BFR on short road runs (5k or less).
    The Mocs have a place in my life, but right now its for Walmart/Waffle House type situations. They cut down on the wise ass comments with the VFF's.
    The lack of half sizes may pose to be a problem also..I need a 11.5, and had to "settle" for a slightly on the large size.