Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Duncan Ridge Trail Run - Training Run #2

Yesterday I did a training run for the Duncan Ridge Trail Run 30k/50k. The run was much better than the last because we went out more prepared, both mentally and with gear.

I started off the day eating a large breakfast, something I didn't do for the last training run. I packed two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a bag of candy corn, as well as my usual CamelBak full of water.

This preparation helped me out a lot. We ended up running 15.8 miles on these trails. I ate during mile 3, 8, and 12. This stopped me from hitting a bottom and feeling like crap. Staying full, for me, is really half the battle if not more.

The other plan we had was to stick together(Angela, Paul, and I), run the flats and downhills, and walk the uphills. This kept us feeling good for the whole run!

Anyway, I took some pictures and a video(sorry the audio didn't come out too good on it). I'm really looking forward to this race!

This is where we kind of started
We sure do have some beautiful mountains.

Initiating the "walk" of the "walk/run". It's sometimes hard to remember to run again.
And the video. I have to remember to hold my camera the other way next time...

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