Monday, February 18, 2013

Almost Sub-20 5k...

Today Whitney and I explored some of Yahoola park in a hunt for a Geocache. After that, we decided to run a little bit. She just started Couch to 5K and I like to run, so we ran.

Even though I am still recovering from the Red Hot 55k in Moab, Utah I was able to start out with a decent pace. For some reason I felt strong and was able to comfortably run within the sub 8 range. By the end of mile 1 found that I was running faster.

Anyway I just got faster and faster during the run. I felt strong through the whole run. The wind kept blowing back on me, slowing me down. If it wasn't so windy I would have made it. By the end of the 5k I was pushing hard but realized that I wouldn't make it when the clock went past 20 minutes. *Sigh* I ran out the rest and finished at 20:17.

So, can I break 20 minutes? Heck yes! It just has to be on a day with the right conditions(no wind, not recovering, etc). I could also just try getting faster too...

The fact that I started out this run without even trying and that I have not trained for this distance make me feel pretty good about myself. This might be a testament to distance running. The only reason I have this strength is because I have the confidence to run shorter distances at a faster speed(more confidence).

Anyway, here is the run. I might try to break 20 minutes again sometime, but it is not on my high priority list.

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