Saturday, December 24, 2016

Topo Terradventure Review

Topo Terradeventure
One of my favorite Christmas presents so far is my new Topo Athletic Terraventure shoes (Thanks mom, dad, and Dahlonega Mountain Sports). Put 7 miles on them today; a mix of trails and road. So far I really like them. The shoe combines three of my favorite shoes.

Altra Instict 2 - similar footbed to
the Topo Terradventure
It has the width and toebox of the Altra Instinct 2. The tread and rock plate feels like Merrell Trail Gloves - good grip on leafy trails but harder tread, so might slip on wet rock.

The upper reminds me of the Vivobarefoot Breatho. Has a 3mm drop and feels like a good high mileage shoe with a little more cushion than a minimalist shoe, like the Altra Instincts.
Vivobarefoot Breatho - Similar Upper to the Topo Terradventure

I wouldn't buy a shoe that is uncomfortable. This shoe definitely fits my foot and has no tight spots. Running downhill my feet did not slide forward and slam my toes.
Merrell Trailglove - Similar tread and rockplate to the Topo Terradventure (Thanks

I like the idea of an all-around shoe. Their site says that it is geared more toward trails, but the tread looks and feels fine on the road.

I'm very excited about these and hope they work out!

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