Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Splash in the Puddle

Dahlonega had some rain, along with the rest of the southeast. I skipped riding my bike to school and rode the stationary at the gym. This is definitely a different workout than the route I ride to school. The stationary bike tries to add "hills", but fails in relation to the hill I have to climb. Maybe I am just used to riding  a bmx bike and the stationary bike may be accounting for a change in gears? Either way, it is a different workout being that it feels more cardio oriented than strength based. This isn't a bad thing.

After riding the bike I had a choice to make. Should I run around the .10 mile track or go outside in the wet mess? I really dislike that little circle. It is boring and strains my right knee and right arch since I have to make a right hand turn every 10 seconds. They also make me wear shoes... Screw it, I'd rather be wet!

I drove out to the park, kicked off my Vibrams, and started my run. This was supposed to be the longest run since I restarted, at an insane 2.5 miles. :P

About 0.5 miles into my run my knee started to feel uncomfortable. I stopped and stretched, paid attention to my form, and continued on. All was going well!

At the 2 mile mark I got tired of running in the road. I played on some gravel, which was kushy and massaged my feet as I ran across it. I also ran through some puddles, chased a bird, and got back on the road to finish at 2.7 miles. A little more than I had told myself I was going to run, but I was having a great time.

Sometimes rain is a good thing.


  1. I'M SUBSCRIBING CAUSE YOU'RE AWESOME. I've ran barefoot a couple times. Those times were the first times I actually ran for at least 30 minutes. Before then, with clown shoes, I could barely get to 15 without pain or injury... no matter how fast or slow I was jogging. So at the end of the first I did 30 minutes I felt so emotional... cause I tried SO MUCH to jog without injury.

    I jumped rope on a smooth surface before I ran and got used to the lower calf soreness first. Then jump rope became much easier than it was with shoes. That's what led me to try barefoot running.

    After a few runs in the grass at a park, I decided it may be in my foots best interest to have at least some protection so I bought the VFFs and it was a horrible transition. I got blisters really bad and I became really discouraged that I didn't do any exercising at all for a few months. But, after half a year I gave the VFFs another try and focused on being slow, landing properly. Now, no blisters and I use them everyday while running or jumping rope. I tried running barefoot on the concrete at the park but it hurt soo much... The grass was all I could run on. I plan to try running barefoot on the concrete again to see if I just wasn't landing properly.

    Great blog

  2. Thanks bud. That means a lot.

    Where does it hurt you when you run barefoot on concrete?

  3. Well it was asphalt rather than concrete now that I think about it. I'd say under my big toe and the balls of my feet. Couldn't go 20 steps without hurting. Could be I wasn't landing carefully enough.