Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dog Running

The other day my dad brought up the great idea of running with dogs, specifically those at the humane society. These dogs need someone to wear them out, and I think I would be good at it.

What I plan to do is run 0.5 miles to a mile with a dog(depending on how tired or disobedient the dog is), return it, then run with another one. On a 3 mile run I could run with up to 6 dogs. Maybe it will catch on and I can get a team of dedicated runners to hook up with the dogs.

Now this does have some problems. I am not sure if I can afford the gas to drive down there every day and run with them. The nearest one is about 7 miles, but 7*2*7 miles is a bit of gas. Maybe I could alternate days.

Another thing I was thinking was to turn it into a business. Would people pay $10 a mile for me to wear their dog out? I bet!

These are all just thoughts circling my brain.


  1. Sounds like a good cause and a business idea!

  2. Why not charge $10 per mile for private runs from people who work and do not have time to exercise their pets (Ceasar likes this..LOL), then donate a portion to the Humane Society when you go back to do free runs for them.
    Example: Perform 5 runs a week privately =$50
    Put gas in your car, drive to the Humane Society, run their dogs for free and make a $1 donation for every mile their dogs runs YOU! That's only 10% of your income fees...
    Its a win/win/win/win/win/win/win situation
    Private (spoiled)dogs gets ran - WIN
    You get exercise - WIN
    You get gas in your car - WIN
    Pound puppies get walked - WIN
    Humane Society get $$ -WIN
    More money means less Euthanasia - WIN
    Karma is good - WIN

    As a bonus,,,the dogs can run BF too!

  3. If I got 10 dollars a mile I'd be doing at least 20 miles every day.