Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swiftwick Aspire Socks - "The Best Sock You'll Ever Wear, GUARANTEED"

Socks? Now you are righting about socks? I thought you were a barefoot runner!

I have been harassed by my girlfriend recently because I have been buying shoes and socks and such to run in. Regardless, I find the Swiftwick Aspires an excellent choice. The title of this post has their slogan. I can't help but agree!

Up until now the only socks I have ran in are my Injinji socks. While they work excellent with my Five Fingers, I have trouble with my feet swelling in them. My toes get tight and the pockets of my toes get uncomfortable. They also didn't seem to release moisture that well.

Moving on, with my recent Swiftwick testing I have had a ton of success! Here are some things I like about the socks.

I like how they drain and release moisture. They are made of Olefin. The package says, "As the only Nobel Prize winning fiber, olefin retains less than 0.1% of its weight in moisture. It also resists deterioration from detergents and perspiration. This produces a fast drying, lightweight sock with incredible breathability."

When I first pulled them out my girlfriend said that they looked like baby socks. This is because they compress. I am a big fan of compression and find that it speeds up recovery by about 50%. I know this will be the right sock for my 100k. Hopefully it will keep some of the swelling down.

I like the way they feel when wet. I used to avoid water like the plague when I ran. Now I run right through it. Since the feet are a major part of body temperature regulation it is super refreshing to run through a stream or even a puddle. The best part is that it stays with you for about half a mile and keeps you cool without blistering! 

All-in-all I am very excited and pleased about my recent Swiftwick Aspire purchase. Even though I don't have much experience with socks, I believe Swiftwick Aspire's are a great sock and I highly recommend them, even if I don't have much experience with socks. In fact, I can't think of a time I wouldn't recommend them!

Wanna try some of their stuff? Go here and ask for some free stuff.

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