Monday, March 12, 2012

Preparing For My Marathon

Well, in 6 days I will be running my first marathon alongside my dad and buddy Mitch. I started looking at the course today(yeah a little late i know) and started getting excited. It looks reasonable until the 12 mile mark, a lot of downhill until 17 miles, and a steepish uphill to the finish. I like the uphill at the finish because it's like, "Well there's no point in stopping now!"

Some people tell me that they get nervous about the marathon. Honestly, I am pretty confident that I can finish it. I will just re-do everything that I have been doing and try my hardest.

I plan on carrying my own Camelbak. I will drink lime gatorade(3 parts gatorade, 1 part water) and eat Walmart brand Fig Newtons. I will drink whenever I feel like it and try to eat 2 Fig Newtons every 2 miles.

I will be rocking my Vibram Five Finger Trek Sports, since I don't think my bare feet can handle the 26.2 mile distance and I have trained mostly in these.

I have been "tapering" for the past 2 weeks. By tapering I mean being a lazy fool and not only running on the weekends(14 miles last weekend, 3 this weekend). I figure I better let my body recover since right after this marathon I have a 100k(yikes!).

I will probably get another run or two in over the next few days to remind myself that I am a runner.

So yup. There's all my training secrets for a marathon and 100K. I sure hope I don't regret it!

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