Sunday, August 5, 2012


I am currently on an airplane. Less than 45 seconds ago I was offered a drink. More recently I have been drinking and eating more fruits. I thought that I would try a juice from the cart. The cranberry apple juice blend sounded good, so I chose that.

It wasn't until I had sat down in my seat that I realized I was drinking a lie. The "juice" that I got was only 15% juice. The rest looked to be the equivalent of a Coke.

This feels like false advertising. I wanted juice but instead got high fructose corn syrup.

The worst part is, we are fooled by other products as well. For example: chicken nuggets. Chicken nuggets are not always completely chicken and I bet some are less than 50%

50% is still better than 15%. I mean, at least those crummy chicken nugget manufacturers are trying! Well, kind of.

People wonder why people are so fat.

For the most part:
  1. People make bad food choices and know it. 
  2. People may choose the healthier looking alternative and actually get something less healthy.
I think the FDA should make companies write on title of the product in clear text what the product actually is. Less than 95% real fruit juice? That is not juice, that is drink. I shouldn't have to read the fine print on a damn drink.

This change would encourage food makers to make real food or pay the price. Let the fatties that want to eat unhealthy, eat unhealthy. At least help the people that are trying.

How do you feel about this? Is there any known percentage of the named product that is required before it is considered false advertising? Could I take a muffin and call it a carrot? What about if the muffin contained 15% carrot?


  1. Wine. Meaning that to label a wine Cabernet Sauvignon for example, at least 75 percent of the grapes used to make the wine are that variety.

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  3. Strange, they usually say whether it's a drink or juice. If it's not only juice it has to say something else. Do you remember what product it was exactly?

  4. actually, i may have been mistaken. This is what they had.

    Either way, I have yet to find the word "cocktail" defined as a mixture similar to what I drank.

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