Sunday, October 28, 2012

Exploring New Groups

Today I did something I rarely do, I ran with a group of people I am not familiar with. See, at Merrill’s Mile I made friends with John. He and I have been chatting back and forth on Facebook, trying to get a run together. I was always hesitant to wake up early on Sunday(the day his group meets), but decided to give it a try on my sleep deprived body.

I moved out at 7:00 AM and headed down to Cumming, GA. I was so tired that I had to stop and get an energy drink. This was after drinking a coffee mind you…

The trail we ran on was much more running-friendly than I am used to, especially compared to my run from Saturday. We were able to run sub 8 minute miles on certain sections. It was sure fun to break free!

I knew we were only doing 10 miles at a reasonable pace on reasonable terrain, so I opted to just bring my water bottle and a Hammer gel. It is funny to think that I used to have to work so hard to get 10 miles in and now I am using them as recovery runs. I feel like I am becoming a stronger runner, but also the cooler weather is playing a part.

The run was near a fish hatchery and ran near a lake. I was impressed by the cleanliness of the trail. No trash! People actually don’t litter!
The group I was with was nice and after a while I felt like I fit in pretty well. We were able to talk to one another and joke around. This is what I love about the running community. Almost 100% of the time, during group runs, everyone is happy because they are out doing the thing that they love. It is a beautiful thing.

I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera, but I will next time because there are some great views on this route.

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