Friday, May 20, 2011


A majority of my run today was hilly. I have been focusing on getting myself comfortable with the 10K distance. For this reason I have avoided hills.

I started at the North Georgia baseball fields, ran 2 miles, had to poo, came home, and went running again. The second route I took was a derivative of an old one I used to do. I had to extend it and double back. This added a huge hill. I feel great now and should probably do that more often.

The pads of my feet are a little raw. I haven't been running as much since summer started(heat + the impossibility of waking up early) and my job(not really a valid excuse). Luckily, the pads of the feet develop rather quickly.

Most of my runs until the Peachtree Road Race will be maintenance runs. I may make the 6 mile distance a little more complicated(add speed, more hills, etc).

So that's where I am right now. Keep runnin'!

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