Monday, May 2, 2011

Hooray For Summer

Finals are over!

I can finally write some more stuff.

To cover the past few weeks... I have increased my mileage steadily doing 3 miles every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and doing 6 miles on Saturday/Sunday.

I also ran a 5K. I wasn't shooting for a fast time, but about 1 mile in I decided to step it up. I finished it in 22:01(first in my age group, 6th overall), which wasn't bad considering my previous time at 20:54 with a lot more training.

I was flirting with the idea of running 5 miles every day in May(5th month) for a total of 155 miles. A few days ago I did two 4 milers back to back and my knee is bugging me again. I better stay away from that plan. It's not worth the chance of injury.

Oh and did I mention... I'm running the Peachtree Road Race(10K). It will be my first non-5K race. I doubt I will have a great time since the crowd looks like this:

So yup. That's where I currently am in my running career. More updates soon.

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