Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tightening Up Your Recovery with Compression

After yesterday's long slow run(20 miles) my Achilles tightened up. It got worse after I took a hot shower. I could feel the tendon and muscles around the area creaking. This typically isn't a good sign, but is something I have dealt with before.

After trying some very light stretching(I didn't want to mess anything up) I put on my compression stockings over my calves and went to bed. 9 hours of sleep later(I was pretty tired) the inflamed area felt normal.

This was the best outcome to the situation. I really like my compression stockings, but I do not like to run with them. I find that I tighten up faster while running if I wear them.

I really only like to use them on a as-needed basis since they are not the most comfortable. They do, however, feel good on the legs when they are fatigued.

I personally use Zensah Calf Compression, but I believe you can get the same relief with any compression or ace bandage.


  1. I started doing the Mobility WOD. It's a little scary but I have to say that most of my aches (I'm old) go away and stay if I keep up on them. Not exactly sure why but I don't believe in the no stretching theories.

  2. How's the Achilles treating ya?

    1. Much better in this aspect. I basically just flares up after a long run and some laying around. I still have some tenderness in my ankle area, but I can deal with it until these races are over.

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