Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Amount of Running You Don’t Get To Do When You Run Ultramarathons

What? That title barely makes sense.

I ran the Duncan Ridge Trail 50k to the fullest of my ability last Saturday. I was really pleased with myself, but have also been taking it easy as far as running goes to let my body heal and not get mentally burnt out.
So, today is Tuesday. I have only ran once since the race(10 days ago) and did not run 6 days before the race.

I think that I made the right decisions by not running, but I think that it is making me a little crazy. See, when I don’t run I become a real, well, asshole. I have very little patience, things start hurting(like my back), and I am not pleasant. The irritability has not completely taken over yet, but I feel it coming near. My back is already hurting and feels like it needs to be popped. And I am whiny(hence this post).

It’s time to start running more.

Tonight, 10 road miles. It will be nice to release this negative energy.

UPDATE: I ran today. Made it .25 miles. For some reason my obliques were not happy with me and permitted me from running any further. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow. :(

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