Saturday, November 10, 2012

Curling My Toes

More recently I have caught myself curling my toes into each other. I think this is something that I have always done, but feel it happens more since I started running barefoot/minimal. Maybe this is something to do with my feet feeling tired of being sedentary(since it always happens after a period of sitting or resting). I have also caught myself curling the toes while sleeping.

Before barefoot/minimalist running I would curl my toes in certain situations, specifically panicky ones, like almost getting in a car wreck. I still kind of do it now, but I think I do it moreso for the restlessness feeling in my feet.
To conclude, I think since I have started barefoot/minimalist running my feet want to do more. I have activated the practically sedentary muscles. When I become sedentary I am reminded that they want to work!

There really isn’t much scientific evidence in my logic. Hopefully someone can possibly explain it better. Maybe I will post this on a forum or something.

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  1. Tyler,

    I'm a minimalist runner myself and came across this post looking for more information on this same problem. What I can tell you is that while talking to my chiropractor about some ankle problems, he asked me if I'd noticed my toes curling in while relaxed, as if they were being pulled towards the center of my foot. After affirming that I had, he told me that this was a classic sign of plantar fasciitis.

    I don't have more than that for you, but maybe it will give you something to go on. I'm looking to see if red light therapy will help with this, and so far its promising, but I need to have a followup or two with my doctor to see what else I can do.