Thursday, June 3, 2010

LSD On The Lake

My last trip to the lake left me zombied and not feeling so swell. I knew I needed to change something. I decided to run with a Camelbak and do some LSD.

Long Slow Distance running is a way to keep the heart rate lower. Some people use heart-rate monitors. I choose to just breathe through my nose.

I slugged along around the trail, taking my time, enjoying the views, and focusing on running light. This went great!

I reduced the impact of my running, which in turn hurt less when I stepped on a rock. I could tolerate running on a trail and actually get enjoyment out of it.

I have been told to add a long slow distance run to my workout once a week for a number of reasons. Some excellent proof of it working is on Barry's Blog.

Another thing I noticed was my attention level. Sometimes I like to get lost in a run and just think about things. Typically I will zone out, realize I am still running, and find humor in it. During this run I zoned out some, but it felt different than other times. I was really relaxed. I think this has to do with my convenient water source and the slower pace.

All-in-all it was a great run. I saw some neat things, like this cool ant pile!

I also checked up on someones GeoCache. They just told me where it was so I could make sure it was still there.

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