Monday, June 14, 2010

Up uP UP!

I am glad to see my milage is going up. I have almost ran the same amount of miles I ran last month and this month is only halfway over. SWEET!

I met a really cool runner on my long run day. He was training for marathons and was doing eighteen miles in a loop. We discussed nutrition and different aspects of running. We are going to run a half or full marathon in October.

I noticed last time I ran my ten miles I got hungry around mile 7. I brought a nutritional fiber bar with me on my long day and it held me over quite nicely. I ran and ate. A friend of mine was there with his black lab. That dog is sweet! I ran with him for about a half mile and my pace went up one mile per hour. That dog is crazy! Later, I hit ten miles and was like, "Woah! I'm not really that tired. I'm gonna run another!" So I ran somewhere around eleven miles that day. I want to get my long runs longer anyway.

I then ran a mile with the cool runner guy. By ran, I mean chased after him as he upped his pace on his last mile. I was impressed.

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