Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of School

Well obviously not my first, but at least for my Senior year of college!

When I started running I was not in school, or was at least taking a convenient online class. I didn't know how I would implement my running into my schedule. After registering for all the classes I needed I found that I had a 3 hour gap between my first and second class. Sweet! I can get some running in there!

The place I ran at yesterday is near the college, so I wore my running clothes to Physics. After class I kissed the girlfriend and went on my way. I wore my Crocs when I walked down there since the gym probably didn't want me walking around barefoot(this is where I store my stuff). I also wore the Crocs for the walk since I didn't want any wierd looks. I like to keep my barefoot running quiet, but when someone asks I give them the speech.

I ended up running almost 7 miles. It was hot out, but tolerable. The pavement didn't burn my feet, but I felt it getting warmer. There was one time when I realized I forgot to put on my BodyGlide, so I ran up the nutshell covered part of the trail and put it on some of my more discrete parts.

I drank my awesome milkshake before the run, this time leaving out the banana and putting in chocolate chip cookies. Oreos tasted better and seemed to blend better.

Well that's about it, off to do some homework!

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