Monday, August 30, 2010


  • The sickness
I am feeling much better today. I can still feel some junk in my lungs and I am more tired that usual, but other than that I am doing great.

  • Upcoming Events
I am planning on running a 5K at Lake Zwerner. My time for this one will probably be a little on the slow side. Once I feel better I will start training there as much as possible. Right now, since I've been sick, my feet are a little more sensitive then they were a week ago. Fortunately, a few trips around the lake will straighten me right out.

  • New training techniques
I am going to try to implement this training technique inspired by Todd Ragsdale, the world record holder for the most barefoot miles in 24 hours.

  • Publicity
Last night I got an email from Matt Aiken, a writer for the local newspaper "The Dahlonega Nugget". He wanted to interview me about my barefoot running. I explained to him why I enjoyed it and why I chose to do it yada yada yada. He told me he would run barefoot with me sometime in the near future at Yahoola. We took some pictures at Yahoola and he went on his way(we took pictures at 13:30 and he had to have his article in by 17:00). So yup, I'll be in the newspaper Wednesday promoting Barefoot Running. Sweet!

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