Monday, October 11, 2010

Staying In Shape With Some Low Impact Cardio

Aside from doing the 100 Pushup Challenge and 200 Situp Challenge, I have started something new. I need some way to keep my legs in shape while keeping my heel satisfied. For the first time in 2 years I am riding my bike!

I have had some bad experiences on my bike. Surely I have had more good than bad though. I used to race BMX in the American Bicycle Association and was Expert at age of 12. Sometime while I was 13 I broke my femur at a local race. I still loved racing, but was convinced by my parents that it wasn't in my best interest. I gave it up, took up guitar and pool, and went on with my life.

I really want to post a picture from that era. Maybe I can round one up....

A few years later I had an itch to ride, so I bought a bike and started riding again. A few months after the start I was doing some dirt jumps and had a concussion. Once again, riding was not in my best interest, so I gave it up.

So what am I doing back on my bike? Well instead of concentrating on getting big air or seeing how fast I can go around a track, I am concentrating on seeing how much I really need a car. Luckily, while doing this, I am able to get some much needed exercise in. I can already feel it in my legs! (These Georgia hills are something!) I can also feel it working my arms and chest. I had some brutal pecks when I raced, maybe I can get them back.

So here I am, saving gas, taking five minutes longer to get somewhere, enjoying myself, and getting a workout all at once. Most importantly, I am trying to be safe. I don't want any more incidents. Wish me luck!

On a barefoot running note, I tried running yesterday just to test out some changes in form. I have come to a conclusion that my current form is the one for me. Everything else I do feels odd. My heel is still uncomfortable. When I stand on it barefoot I feel the bruising. I am positive that resting it will help it heal faster, but I am just impatient. Grrrr wanna run!

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