Friday, October 1, 2010

Taking A Break

My heel still isn't feeling better. I talked to a doctor today and he believes that it is a bone bruise and won't get better unless I give it some rest for 4-6 weeks. He recommend just trying 2 weeks and seeing if it feels better.

I am going to take his advice. These next few weeks are going to be bad without running, but I know that it is for the better and will help me in the long run(no pun intended). I think once I get my heel taken care of maintaining a streak will be much easier.

I plan on reading more about running through Ultramarathon Man
and The Barefoot Running Book and posting reviews of each.

I also want to work on strengthening my core by doing pushups and situps, as well as other exercises. I think when I reach a point of fatigue during the Alex's Fat Ass 50K these core exercises will carry me though.

After this 4-6 week period my training will start again. I will focus on running flat surfaces, since most of the 50K is flat. I will be focusing on my form, distance, and core building. I want to be able to run at least 25 miles before the big run. I expect the awesomeness of the race to carry me the other 6ish miles.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday but forgot to put up at Yahoola. It really is a nice place.

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  1. Ouch sucks about the heel, hope you have a speedy recovery.