Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Easing Into It

I haven't ran since my last post. My knee hurt a bit, so I took it easy. I am in no hurry and feel taking my time will be the best.

I have been doing the golf ball trick(rolling it under my foot to stretch the plantar fascia). Since I have started that pain has decreased. The bump on my heel has decreased and become less noticable, as well as the pain when I wake up in the morning has decreased.

I have also found a great use for running(besides running shorts). They have a really great video for strengthening the hips. It can be found here.
I have also been reading Jason Robillard's second edition of The Barefoot Running Book. I am already a fourth of the way done with it, but I am learning new things that either weren't in the first book or I forgot about. He is an excellent writer. A formal review will be posted once I finish. :)

Finally, my girlfriend and I ran in place today(I am writing this after the previous paragraphs). She was barefoot(I think unintentionally), as was I. We watched King of the Hill(~20 minutes), one of our favorite shows. Thursday I want to do a real run. She doesn't like running outside right now because it hurts her chest due to the cold weather. Anyone have any tips to prevent this?

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