Saturday, December 18, 2010


Along with my slow increase in mileage I have been doing some cross-training. I have found some great guides written at Kimme Fitness. I like the Deck of Cards workout for a in-home solution and the Back Yard workout for something more adventurous.

I am going to order this guys e-book and maybe try to touch base with him about barefoot running or running in general. Jason Robillard talks about him, so he must be good!


  1. Deck of cards is fun, but can be a pain when the cards start coming up against you.

  2. I found you through Jason as well. I appreciate the kind words, but really Jason and I just like punishing each other when we work out together!

    I don't know a lot about running and what I do know, I've learned from Jason. I am planning this year to focus more on at-home workouts, as I see a lot of runners are interested in Functional Fitness and don't belong to gyms. Hopefully I can get you some more ideas.

    Thanks again for your interest.
    Pete Kemme