Friday, December 17, 2010

My First Winter Barefoot Run

Burr today was chilly. I had my heart set on running a mile and a tenth(10 percent rule) today. I looked at the weather and saw 30 degree temps and the snow symbol. I then looked outside and saw a bunch of cold rain. How bad could it be?

I bundled up, stretched, did some pushups and situps to warm myself up, and drove off to my spot. The first tenth of a mile were fine. I quickly started loosing feeling in my feet and by the halfway mark I could really only feel things on the tip of my big toe. About 8/10 into the mile my knee started to hurt. I walked for about five seconds and started running again to the finish. Toward the 9/10 of a mile point I started regaining feeling. I ran the remainder of my planned run, hopped in my car, and felt the sting of blood rushing to my feet.

The sting  was also the sting of success. Call me crazy, but I enjoy the cold puddles of water around my feet. I don't know how much longer I could have done it, but for the distance it was enjoyable.

I don't think the wearing on my left foot is from bad form, just dead skin.

During the run I wore my heart rate monitor. Being cold + running got my heart rate up nicely! I really dig my new Garmin 305.


  1. Man that too much for me, I love being barefoot but here in Canada right now that's not even an option.

    That is how toes are lost around here, I need to move to a warmer climate.

  2. Barefoot runners are so crazy :-)