Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rainy Day

Even though I said I was going to, I decided not to run yesterday. I was tired and it was dark and cold out when I came home. Hmm... maybe I'll put $5 in my jar...

I was still feeling crappy today, but decided to hit the gym. It is rainy and cold here, so the gym was the best option for my current condition. I rode the stationary bike for 1.9 miles, as I would if I rode out to my spot. It shows you the mountains you are about to go up and lets you pick an intensity. I switched back and forth from the 11 and 15 setting.

I then ran around the indoor track. Man that track drags. They are 1/10 mile laps. I had to wear my VFFs(they asked me to put my shoes back on last time), which was odd. I tried to keep my form and ended up running it at 4:05. Not bad considering all the right hand turns I had to muster.

I hit the stationary bike once more and did it for 2 miles. I still kept the same intensities, but switched back and forth every 1/4 mile instead of every half mile. It felt a bit easier.

I feel a lot better than I have all day after all the exercise. I noticed about midway through my exercise that my nose wasn't running anymore. Now the runny nose did return after a while, but it was a nice break.

Until next time...

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