Monday, February 28, 2011

Finding The Right Training Plan For Me

My current training plan has been going great. I posted on a few message boards about my situation and am waiting for some responses. Here's what I wrote:
To anyone that has helpful suggestions, I really appreciate it.
Background I recently had an injury, took time off, went to the physical therapist, got some tips, and now feel great when I run. Before the injury I was able to run ~40 mile weeks. I started a ridiculous training plan and had the overuse injury mentioned above. Now I am being conservative. Too conservative? I dunno.
My current schedule On the first week I did 1/4 mile runs and 2 1.3 mile bike rides on MWF. On TRS I did cross training.
My runs have been increasing my 1/4 a mile each week. I am now at 1.75 miles.
My bike is a fixed gear BMX bike. The 1.3 mile ride includes a very steep hill that is half of the distance. This ride takes me about 15 minutes. I have not changed my riding distance since I started my plan, but I can definitely feel a workout in my legs!
My cross training consists of hip workouts, squats, pushups, and situps. Follow the 100 pushup challenge, 200 squat challenge, and 200 situp challenge plans.
I have also changed my diet. I have focused on eating more natural foods with very little meat involved(Wednesday is my cheat day). I am essentially aspiring to be vegan with many slipups along the way.
This has been GREAT for me. But, I honestly feel I am more challenged on my cross training days than my run days. I keep my runs at the 10/11 minute pace. I focus on running light and smooth to prevent injury. Since my goal is to run a 50k I figure all speed training can come when I safely reach my desired mileage.
The Dilemma Even though my plan is feeling great, my 50k is in January. This is 44 weeks away. 44(0.25)+1.75 = 12.75 miles which is much less than 50k. This means that I need to increase my mileage at a faster rate. According to my calculations for me to be able to run 30 miles by January I need to increase my distance ~0.7 miles per week. Is this feasible with little chance of injury?
If so, should I stick to my same training plan or look towards other training plans? The main problem I see with other plans is the days that they make you run. I need to run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Thanks in advance.
So this is where I am at right now. I need more miles in less time. I'm not quite sure which plan to follow. If any of my readers have any suggestions feel free to chime in. :)

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