Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valeo Yoga Kit Review

I have been doing a lot of floor exercises. Previous to this I was doing some foam rolling. The carpet was uncomfortable for both. When CSN Stores contacted me about their inventory I went in search for a yoga mat.

The yoga mat that I ended up buying was pretty cheap in price compared to the other ones. It also came with a cotton strap buckle and 2 foam blocks. I don't really use them but I'm glad that I have them.

When I first looked at the mat online I thought it was going to be flimsy. This is not the case. I have used it every other day for about three weeks and it feels just like it should.

The texture feels like it is made out of layers of the rubber that you put under cups and dishes in your cabinet. It has nice grip and doesn't attract junk off the floor.

I was also weary about the bag that it comes with. Thankfully it works great and I haven't had any problems with the quality.

The following are a few of my complaints:
  • I wish they had more colors. Purple is okay. It actually reminds me of Barefoot Ken Bob's shirt when I met him, which was also purple.
  • The box CSN sent this in was not economical at all. It was roughly 4 times the size of the Valeo Yoga Kit box and filled with bags of air. This seemed a bit excessive. I did take into consideration that they may be reusing a box, which is somewhat resourceful.
I really like my yoga mat and would recommend it for someone who needs a yoga mat but is on a budget.

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  1. Good review, once my current mat reaches retirement age I'll have to get one of these.