Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tricky Tuesday: How To Encourage Yourself to Drink More Water

This trick is kind of cheap because it involves flavoring water, but you know that cheap powder you can get at Walmart(Crystal Liteish stuff). Well I had never used it claiming that water tasted just fine as I sat at my desk slowly sipping away.

Finally after months of this I realized I was dehydrated. I asked myself, "How can I fix this?"

I set out to the Walmart in search of answers. I picked my favorite powder flavor and gave it a try with double the amount of water suggested. "Wow! That is good!" I said as I took another gulp. "But how can I be cheaper with this concoction?" Ah Simple! I doubled the water again and got a flavored water taste. Perfect.

So in non-thought terms, to drink more water flavor it with one of those packs and put 4 times the amount of water suggested in it. This equals out to 8 cups. By the end of your work day you will have drank about the suggested amount of water.

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