Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Worship Wednesday? I Got Nothin' - Marathons and Ultras

I have a great person picked out for my next Worship Wednesday. Unfortunately I didn't give her a big enough heads up(I told her 11 AM today). So instead I am going to write about my marathon and ultra training.

I have the Atlanta Marathon coming up on March 18th as well as the Georgia Jewel 100k. While talking to our next Worship Wednesday writer she asked me how I was going to train for it.

The truth is, I have no idea. I could get all serious and run every morning. Maybe even stretch and do P90X. I'm far too lazy for that though.

So what am I going to do? Keep up what I'm doing.

I currently run a few 5k runs on the weekdays as well as a medium length 6 to 8 mile run. I also have my long run which I have been increasing a few miles each week. I am currently up to 18 and am going to shoot for 21 this weekend at The Greenway in Cumming, GA.

But Tyler aren't you worried about not being trained enough?

I honestly think I have what it takes to make it though 100k right now. I may regret saying that when the day comes, but I feel like I can complete the distance if I do a few things:
  • Run the flats and downhills, walk the uphills.
  • Try to run between a 10 min/mile pace to a 13 min/mile pace.
  • Stop and eat every two miles. During this time walk for 1/10th of a mile.
  • Do a full body check every 15 miles(one loop). 
    • Feet blistering(I will be wearing VFF KSO's and Invisible Shoe Huraches.
    • Check for chafing. Lube up the necessary areas.
    • Go over hydration and make sure I am drinking enough/not too much.
If I keep these things in mind I should be able to fake my way through a 100k.

Maybe I'm a moron. I dunno. I am going to keep reading for tips and implement them into my plan.

On a side-note, if I finish I get a belt buckle! I've always wanted an ultra belt buckle!

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