Sunday, September 26, 2010


This morning I woke and my heel hurt. I iced it for 20 minutes and it felt so much better. After eating a huge lunch/dinner and hanging out with family I really wanted to run. It was cool and barely raining. The ground was wet. I needed to run.

I decided to run a flat area that I knew since I wanted to keep it easy and it was getting dark out. I immediately noticed how fast I was running. When the RunKeeper lady said 1 mile, 8:57, I was surprised since I wasn't trying hard. The next mile was faster, then the mile after that was faster.

All-in-all it was a great run.

I also hung out with my Aunt and Uncle today. She is a personal trainer. We talked barefoot running. I tried to not shove it down her throat too much. She seemed be interested.

I let her borrow The Barefoot Running Book and Born to Run.

She was complaining about shin splints. She said the nice man at the shoe store told her she was rolling in on her foot and that she needed custom orthotics. I showed her some barefoot running technique. With my 30 second crash course on barefoot running, Jason Robillards awesome book, and some inspiration from Born To Run, she may be set!

Welp, that's all for today. Keep on running guys!

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