Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Site, Barefoot Running Is Bad, Is #1 When Searching For Barefoot Running On Google

The other day I was trying to get more information on barefoot running when I came across this.

This, well, really sucks. I can see tons of curious people wanting to learn to run barefoot, only to see this. Worst of all, most people that have heard about barefoot running have doubts about it and are looking for more information on it. They search, and their doubts are verified.

Personally, I think a site like 'Barefoot Running is Bad' is pathetic to begin with. There are many sites on barefoot running, discussing its benifits and flaws. Why create one to bash it? Why not just create a site on shod running and talk about how great it is.

I understand that most barefoot running articles and sites tackle shod running and call it bad. The difference is, these articles are titling themselves as "Barefoot Running May Save Your Knees" as opposed to "Shod Running Will Cripple You". Downtalking others shows a weakness in your argument. Other than that, if someone wants to do something perfectly legal that you see harmful to your body, you should by no means pester them about it. If they complain of ailments, then offer guidance.

So how can this be fixed? #2 on the Google search for 'Barefoot Running' is the awesome site hosted by our good friend Barefoot Ken Bob, The Running Barefoot. Do him, and all prospecting barefoot runners, a favor and link to his site. This will boost the search priority.

Alright, heading out for a nice trail run... without shoes.


  1. I dunno this seems to be more of a mock website then anything else. I mean the most recent post on it is that barefoot will make you blind.

  2. Yeah. I read that article and they meant it in that we are close minded and twist studies so we see what we want to see. I think this is true for every group of athletes that do something different than someone else.