Thursday, September 30, 2010

Taco Bell, The Runs, and Speedy Surprises

Yesterday I did not want to run. I had Taco Bell the night before, and it didn't work out... It left me feeling weak and tired.

I set out to run one mile so I could at least qualify for USRSA. At the top of the hill that I was looping I did something I didn't even expect myself to do, I ran away from the finish. I ran the 3 miles I told myself I would run prior to the Taco Bell fiasco.  I kept it slow and steady, but I felt so great after I ran. Sometimes, a little run is all you need to ease the pain.

Today I slacked. I didn't run all day and was actually debating on whether or not to run. My heel was still bothering me. I iced it twice today and it finally started to feel better. I have been walking with Crocs on, but still running barefoot. I think the improper gait I use when I walk while barefoot doesn't help my heel. Crocs soften the step.

Anyway, tonight I went to Yahoola. I started out at a steady pace, then felt myself speeding up. Since I was only running 3 miles I figured I could let myself go a bit. The second mile came around 16 minutes 40 seconds. I decided to give myself a good run and ran as fast as I could. It really felt good to run hard for a mile. It gets the endorphins going and gives the body something more than step, breathe, step, breathe, repeat.

This is what inspired me to run hard... Thanks Jason!

I finished that last mile at 7:04, which is fast for me. While it felt great to go fast, I really need to focus on distance. This Sunday I will try for 15 miles and see how it feels. I have to double that January, so I might-as-well start it now.

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