Monday, July 19, 2010

Let's Get Flat

oh childhood music...

recently my hip flexors have been hurting me, specifically when i run up hills. to give them a break today, i ran a more flat route. i wanted to find the longest and flattest loop at yahoola and run it until i felt complete.

i never actually felt complete, but i did end up running it with my dad, which was cool. dave showed up and yelled at me for not calling him(i would have if i didn't forget the night before).anyway, my dad quit at 5k. i had been running for 3 miles when he showed up. i ran one more mile and finished up around 7 miles. why did i quit? we decided to go out to breakfast. i like spending time with people, and i can run anytime, so eating was the better option.

another thing. my dad sent me an email the other day:
I woke up at 5 am, at the park by 6:15 am, temp 72 and foggy. First 10k EVER!!!!!. First 8 k in Vibram 5 fingers KSO minimalistic shoes. Last 2 k barefoot. I felt like I could have went another 3 K....Didn't want to push it. My goal is to put on more miles this week than my son.  He slept in on this Sunday morning (day 1 of the week) I am officially ahead!!! (I also picked a week when  he is hurting, kick him when he's down...LOL)

my link:

his link

he's really pushing it. i have been running barefoot longer than he has and have more experience with it. i think to be fair i will try to run one mile for ever kilometer he runs. this will make the challenge more fair. either way, a challenge is a challenge. is he trying to get me to run more? is he trying to prove something? i dunno. i'm just gonna run!

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