Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shood To Nood!

I recently gave my dad Born To Run. He really liked it and started running minimalist and barefoot. I received this email this morning. It seems he is doing good!

Finally, back to my SHOD times!!!
5 K 32:42, (my norm slow times), I bought my Vibram 5 fingers on June 12th, never put my Nikes back took 18 long days thinking that I would never get my times back. Against EVERYONES advise, I am running three days a week at least 5 k in 5 fingers, Then trying to run barefoot 2 K's (building distance) in between as a stretch and to improve form....YES, I know this not what ALL the barefoot Guru's say to do. But I gotta go with what feels right.
I developed a sore spot about the size of a half dollar on the ball of my right foot. I am thinking that it may have something to do with running on the left side of the road, making my right foot on the slight up hill side of the gradient for water runoff. I was told to continue my developed barefoot form but add a slightly new twist: place my feet slightly more centered to land more laterally. Funny, it was difficult to do it with both feet at the same time, so I concentrated on the right foot placement on the first 1 K, then left on 2nd K, then Forrest  Gumped the last K using the both foot centered placement. I found new muscles in my calf.

This is awesome to hear. He showed me his blister and I told him that if he runs in a way that makes his feet land almost in front of each other he will land more on the outside of his foot(4th and 5th metatarsal). I picked up the idea from Barefoot Ken Bob. He basically said, "I like to run efficiently. If my feet aren't landing in front of each other I am not running in a straight line. This takes me longer to get to my destination." Smart words from a smart man!

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