Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pleasant 5 Milers and Hip Flexors

for most of this month i have been having hip flexor problems. i have seen the chiropractor, who did help it, but the pain keeps coming back when i run. in turn, i have learned to run with a faster cadence, bend my knees even more, and land as soft and quietly as possible. this has helped, but a lighter version of the pain is still there.

now my chiropractor has told me that if i can get the hip to pop it would benefit me, since it causes the hip flexor tendon to release. after mile 1 i did some lunges+pelvic thrust to loosen the tendon. i could feel the hip loosening. this helped for the remainder of my run.

i finished at 5 miles and spent a few minutes doing more lunges+pelvic thrusts. Once again, my hip was loosening. by the time i came home and plopped out on the couch it popped. ahh relief.

tomorrow my chiropractor is going to watch me run. maybe he will spot something that i can't see since i am the runner. i may also make a video of my run and posture after three miles. this is a good time for me  since i would be past the "OH MY GOD I'M RUNNING THIS IS AWESOME!" and "okay *breath* only three more miles..."

now my run. it was EXCELLENT! it was a little later in the day and it was hot. i have learned to appreciate the heat a little bit more. i kind of like breaking a sweat. this appreciation is inspired by this barefoot journeys post. alan seems like a really cool and humble guy btw.

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