Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Circles, Fortunes, Distances, and Prickly Things

Long time no post(10ish days). I have been running though!

First of all, I started doing more flat-ground one mile laps at Yahoola. They are treating my hip flexors nicely, but I have found a new pain in my butt, literally. Here are my last few runs.

Finally, I decided to go big today and run my longest distance yet, 15 miles. It took nearly 3 hours, but was worth it. After a quick nap(that had some awesome dreams) I feel GREAT.

I believe I hit a wall around mile 13. I pushed through(this was after I ate my arsenol of food) and around mile 14 nothing hurt. No hip pain, no butt pain, I was just running. It was significantly harder for me to move. My legs were getting stiff, but I expected that. Also my feet had that same sting they get every time I increase mileage. I have run into it so much that I know what to expect. My feet already feel like I didn't run 15 miles. They will get used to it. If I can keep safely increasing my mileage like this I will be fine on my 30K. I fear school will put a damper on my schedule. Night running/really early morning running here I come!

I have been experiencing with my hips. I found that if I sprint by trying to put my hip where my foot is(horizontally, not vertically) I can sprint without hurting my hip flexors. It also works great on pulling myself up a hill.

So what caused my 50% increase in mileage? This may not have been the cause, but it is a good story. The
other day while eating out at a Chinese restaurant I got a fortune cookie, telling me this:

For real? I just started exercising for the first time in 5 years and this is what I get!?! It's not even a fortune, just advice. Fine then, so I did.

The other day while running my circle laps I dropped a piece of my bar. I let it go, telling myself I would pick it up later. I remembered it, then passed it. Then I remembered it again, then passed it. Finally, I remembered to pick it up. I was bending over to get it when I saw a car coming. I got out of the way to let it pass. The car ran it over. I didn't pick it up.

Finally, my PADMA NailMat came in. I played with it for a little today, but I intend on using it for a while before giving it an honest review. Use this code to get $5 off: KQ76-8382. My Nan(grandmother) LOVES it!

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