Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet 10 And Diet Choices

For some reason RunKeeper's embed feature is not working properly. They know about it and are fixing it.

I told myself I would run 10 miles this morning. I woke up at 5:30, got out the door around 6:30(I know I'm slow) and hit the road.

The run went good except for a few bathroom breaks. After I came out of the bathroom, shortly after 3 miles my RunKeeper messed up. It drew a straight line from where I was to some random place in the abyss. Shortly after it told me I was at 4 miles. So for the next 7 miles I knew I was off.

At mile 7ish my dad pulled up and wanted to run a 5K. That was convenient. We took my favorite 5K route. RunKeeper screwed up again! I think it had a bad connection between the iPhone and the ground this time though.

Running back to the car we were waiting for the woman's voice to say "Ten miles" but it never happened. Finally we got back to the car and I saw that RunKeeper was on the map page, not the stats page. It jumped from 9 miles to 10.

I figured it was 3 miles for my dad. I accepted my distance came home.

After I got home I realized the second RunKeeper error caused it to draw a straight line from a point I was at to my finish and not track me. This meant that I ran farther than 10 miles. Sweet!

All-in-all it was a great run. It got hot out toward the end, but I didn't mine since I was almost done anyway. Oh and I saw a turtle!

I think I am going to drink more vegetable juice. We have had a juicer for years and nobody has ever used it. I also like V8 Spicy Hot. Many runners are vegetarian - Barefoot Ken Bob comes to mind(vegan) and he seems happy. 
 the happy vegetarian, Barefoot Ken Bob

I don't want to be a vegetarian(I like meat WAY too much), but I can make healthier choices.

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