Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my most painful barefoot running experience

i am going to hold off on the shift button today. it is causing me to stretch my wrist and i think it is causing carpal tunnel, that and my mouse.

today, i want to tell you about my most painful barefoot running experience. those who claim barefoot running doesn't hurt have obviously never been in my situation. if i was wearing shoes it wouldn't have been a problem. yep, you heard me, i am barefoot tyler suggesting that it would have been better for me to wear shoes. let me explain.

yesterday i was sleeping on the couch, minding my own business, when my friends dog(we were watching it) decided to just start barking at me. it does that to get my attention, but it is kind of annoying. i woke up, tried to ignore it, and was bothered with the "WOOF WOOF WOOF I'M A DOG OH MY GOD WOOF WOOF!" so i got up to chase him out the front door. i hopped off the couch, ran 3 steps, and ended up kicking my wall. for that few seconds, i was no longer concerned with the barking. my thought process was, "oh god - is my toe broken - why am i still walking - ahhh ahhhhhhh!"(thanks reddit for teaching me about using hyphens to change thoughts)

after retaining myself i began chasing after the dog. my dad reminded me that it wasn't the dogs fault. i agreed and took him outside, unharmed(gotta mention that for PETA)

so yup, my words of advice: don't run barefoot inside, run barefoot outside! how's that for a flip?
on another note i switched to linux mint today. it's nice and friendly to new users and power users, rarely needs any post installation setup(drivers and program installations), and of course its free! check it out if you are bored one day.
for a free promotion of your site, something you support, or anything, shoot me an email at barefoottyler (at) gmail (dot) com.

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