Friday, January 28, 2011

Doing it in the Woods

Long time I know. I will try to keep up. I have just been doing strengthening exercises based on my hips and legs. I think they are helping my knee problems.

I saw the above poster at school and immediately sent an email to the leader. He said they usually run 45 minutes to an hour, every business day of the week, on road and dirt trail. Sounded fair enough.

I tried to run shortly after reading that poster. I just did a quarter of a mile. I went by my instincts and did what felt right to me. I fully engaged my hips and tried to twist the leading knee's hip above the knee. This resulted in a little waste of energy, but my feet glided across the ground. To me, at least at this point, less stress on my knees is what I need and that is exactly what the glide does for me.

I am going to continue doing strengthening exercises on Tuesday and Thursday. I will also run and do some yoga Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Saturday I will do whatever I want and take off on Sunday. This should be a good balance between rest and exercise.

So far I am pretty excited about the running group. I am not sure how they will perceive my barefootedness, but I'm sure they won't mind. If they do I just won't run with them.

I am going to wait until I feel capable of running for 45 minutes until I join the group. I wouldn't want to hurt anything.

I have a review of my new yoga mat coming up soon. Keep in touch.

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