Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hey guys. Just giving an update!

I have been trying to keep up with my running. I keep doing the 1.2 mile runs, but my knee keeps bugging me. Maybe I need an even more modest training schedule. Starting tomorrow I am going to start the C25K program. I hope this will increase my strength slower and not irritate my knee. In better news my knee seems to be getting aggravated later and later into my run. I really believe it is a problem with my IT band and I have been stretching it a lot to get it to loosen up as well as use my ghetto foam roller.

I still owe Jason Robillard a review on The Barefoot Running Book. Maybe I will wake up and write that tomorrow.

Christmas was awesome. Whitney and I went away to see her family. It is nice to see kids opening presents again. Her family was very good to me and I think they actually liked me!

Furthermore, I got Wii Fit for Christmas from my girlfriend's mom. I freakin' love it! This is me doing the Super Hula Hoop one. Whitney sneakily filmed it and immediately posted it to her YouTube account for everyone to see. Please, have a laugh. :)

I have also started reading The Barefoot Book, which I got from my girlfriend's father and step-mom. It is a great addition to my collection! I really like how it discusses all the biomechanics that are traditionally skipped over by most books, as most authors feel they aren't relevant to the subject.  Dr. Howell has the potential to take barefooting leaps and bounds. I have spent a ton of time out of shoes since reading his book and only hope to increase that time as I continue reading! Of course, a review of it will come after I finish it and settle my previous procrastinations.

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