Sunday, January 2, 2011

Foam Rolling, Marathoners, and Hiking

The day before yesterday was my run day. I tried doing the c25K program. The walk in the beginning started out longer than expected. This was because my buddy Mitch showed up. We talked about his recent marathon in Honolulu and discussed foam rolling. He told me that he typically foam rolls his IT band for fifteen minutes a day, takes a break, then rolls for ten more minutes. This was much more than the two minutes that I had attempted previously. I tried to run but my knee started bugging me again. I hope that it feels better when I run after I roll it for a bit.

Here he is running like a champ and finishing in the top 1000 at 03:51:10. He is an excellent runner and is always one step ahead of me.

Seeing as school is starting back soon, Whitney and I decided to go on a hike tomorrow. Pictures will be posted tomorrow!

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