Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ready To Run

I have been cooped up inside all week. We had some crazy snow for this area and haven't been able to go anywhere or run at all. While reading reddit's running subreddit I found: Anatomy of a 6 Month IT Band Injury – Post-Injury Analysis and Lessons Learned. What I found was a ton of tips and an in depth explanation of healing the IT band. Now, is my IT band causing my knee pain? I don't know... but it couldn't hurt to work with it!

Today I stretched and did the workouts listed on that page. It feels good to activate the muscles in my legs. I have been running with a metronome for five minutes a day for the past two days at 210 steps per minute. My knee isn't bothering me. If I can take this form to the street I should be fine.

Well, that's my update. I ordered a sweet yoga mat. It should be coming in any time now...

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