Monday, January 31, 2011

Physical Therapy

Today I went to the schools physical therapist. I heard they were giving out a free exam to first-timers. I told the physical therapist my story, my stack of injuries due to overuse, my dreams of running an ultra, etc. I tried to not mention that I run barefoot since I figured he would recommend custom orthotics.

Anyway, he looked at my knee and thinks that it is patellar tendinitis. He taught me how to really stretch and showed me some exercises. I was really excited because even after the stretching the pain went away. Essentially, my quad was really tight and I was not stretching it while pushing out my hips. He was really nice and told me to come back if I needed anything.

On my way out the door he asked me if I was planning on doing an ultra. I told him I would try to do the Alex's Fat Ass 50K next year. He then asked, "You don't wear those five-finger shoes do you?" Hesitantly, I confirmed. What he said next was the best news I have heard all day... "Awesome! I have a pair. I read Born To Run and it kind of convinced me."(I am paraphrasing...)

This is awesome news. Physical therapists, or at least mine, are looking into the barefoot movement and appreciating it. Good job bare-footers.

The moral of this story is to go to doctors/therapists, even if you think they won't agree with your opinion. You might be surprised and they actually know what they are talking about!

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  1. Nice to see people in the field who are open minded to the idea of barefoot. This weekend at a party I ment a foot socialist who wasn't and got on my case about it, needless to say it made for a bummer of a conversation.