Friday, January 28, 2011

Seeking Improvements

For the past week I have been trying to improve myself.


I signed up for a DailyBurn account and have been tracking my diet. It actually helps limit how much I eat in some testing situations. I do not track my exercises that can be tracked on RunKeeper with it. I found that even with my dinnertime overeating I typically don't exceed the calorie limit that is suggested for me. I've been drinking a protein shake with black beans(Trust me it's good. I'll post a recipe later). For lunch I have rice or quinoa with black beans. I figured out how to use the crock pot to make black beans. It's so easy and cheap.

As I discovered this morning, riding a bike is fine with Vibram Five Fingers even with my Primo pedals. I was out of breath(I figured I would be) but felt great for the one class I had today.


On top of the various workouts I have been doing for my knee and lower body, I have also started doing the 100 Pushup Challenge, 200 Squat Challenge, and 200 Sit-Up Challenge(again). This time I am sticking to the intermediate level.

and of course... Running!

Wish me luck!

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