Monday, May 24, 2010


Man did I feel great today. 6AM came around awfully early. We(Dave and I) had to get a head start since he had to be somewhere at 8:30. I drank my new protein shake, drove out, and met him at Yahoola Creek Park. As soon as he got there we started running, since he was already warmed up and I don't really care to stretch.

We started the pace a little faster than Thursday and kept it going alright until the end. He told me that he wanted to cut the 5K short, and that we did. In 23 minutes we were at 2.3 miles. He so could have knocked that 5K out sub 30 minutes!

He left, but I didn't feel finished yet... So I ran some more. I did the same route we had just done, noticed that I was at 5.3 miles. So I figured I might as well make it a 6 miler. I had never ran that far, but I felt great. By then, about 7:40ish, more people started showing up. I got some odd looks, but after 5 miles I didn't really care what people were thinking. I just tried to smile and keep running.

When I got back to my car it was 8AM. I felt great and was ready to eat, but I forced myself to walk around for 5 minutes. After calling my love and avoiding some speed-walkers, I went to McDonald's to even out the calories I just burned off.

Later today I plan on swimming with Whitney at the college pool. It does wonders for my feets.

Oh my feets, I almost forgot, here are some pictures of my feet after 6 miles. They looked fine. They kind of sting a bit, but I am definitely getting used to running barefoot.

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