Monday, May 3, 2010

Testing The Waters

We drove up to West Virginia to raft the New River, ironically one of the oldest rivers in the world! It was awesome and much different than the last time we went, since the water level was much lower this time. We were able to hit rapids we couldn't even see before and jump off rocks into the water.

The company we chose was the same as last time, New & Gauley River Adventures. They are a cool mom and pop group that work hard for their business and treat the customers great. The tour guides are super fun and more than enthused to cater to your needs. That and they are significantly cheaper than the "polished" competitors. In my book, adventures don't need to be polished, they need to be exciting!

After a long day of rafting (~6 hours) we came home and ate dinner. I was debating on whether or not to run. My feet had been through a lot of moisture and I was afraid they would break easier. On the other hand, it was supposed to rain for the next few days. So I brought some Crocs along, laid them on the side of the road, and went running.

I was supposed to take a looped route, but I think I missed the road. Maybe I'll find it tomorrow. Here's my run! I found motivation when I was reaching the top of the hill, and at the same spot going down it. A dog started chasing after me and barking me. If it would have gotten near me I probably would have punched it, but it was all bark and no bite... *knocks on wood* People need to keep their dogs on leashes or caged in. Just a bit more up the hill I encountered another bigger, black dog, but he was nice and ran next to me and just looked at me funny when I talked to him(those were the brief periods that I stopped running). I was really hoping he wouldn't continue to follow me into the other dogs territory, as that could be bad for everyone. I ran back, took a shower, and chilled with the family.

After all that commotion my feet were kind of hurting, but only in the spots that I burned previously. One piece of skin was broken, and it was on the left of my big toe. I have to remember to lift my toes before I land! Other than that it was smooth, and now, the next morning, my feet feel fine. I have been stretching more, and I think that helps a lot.

Okay, well until next time... RUN ON!

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